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Juilan Hellaby has an active YouTube channel (under the pseudonym ‘paulprocopolis’) which features his own performances as a pianist, as well as vintage recordings of other artists. Channel content ranges from solo classical piano music, through orchestral music to light music, jazz and rock.

The name ‘paulprocopolis’ references the fictitious pianist,  Paul Procopolis, whose name appeared on budget LPs in the 1960s and 70s as a way of getting round copyright issues. He was even provided with a biography!

Below is a small sample of videos from the channel that showcase Julian performing a varied selection of piano music, including compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt, and Duke Ellington.

Bach, Fantasy and Fugue in A minor BWV904
Ellington-Hellaby, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Liszt, Liebestraum No. 3
Planet X, Quantum Factor, arr. Bemridge and Hellaby
Rachmaninoff, Prelude in C-sharp minor Op. 2/3
Strayhorn/Ellington/Hellaby, Etude on ‘Take the A Train’
Julian plays an 11’8″ Challen grand piano – once the largest in the world!

*YouTube videos are the property of the channels paulprocopolis and pbembridge.



Julian Hellaby is a pianist, teacher, lecturer, examiner, adjudicator and author, who greatly enjoys sharing his interests and enthusiasms with fellow pianists, musicians and learners as well as with the wider public.

If you have any questions about Julian’s teaching services, his performances, or anything else regarding his work, don’t hesitate to send him a message!

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