Coventry and Area Piano Circle

The Coventry and Area Piano Circle offers the opportunity for pianists to play to each other in a relaxed, informal setting. The aims are to encourage all aspects of piano playing, to celebrate achievement in an unthreatening environment and for members to enjoy a shared experience.

  • All levels of attainment and all ages are welcome
  • All styles of music from boogie to Bach are equally valued Solos, duets, two-piano works and accompaniments for singers or instrumentalists are all equally acceptable
  • Complete performances are not a requirement – sharing work in progress is also encouraged
  • There is no age limit
  • There is no membership fee
  • Meetings are usually held on Sunday afternoons approximately eight times per year at a private address.

Julian writes:

“As a keen pianist and educator myself, I am excited by the idea of encouraging other pianists to explore the wonderful world of the piano in a group setting. Playing the piano is often a solitary experience and I believe that sharing one’s work with others can be stimulating and motivating as well as very enjoyable. As the title ‘circle’ implies there is no leader ‘teaching’ other group members and all participants’ input – musical or verbal – is regarded as equally valid. Whether you are a keen amateur, a professional performer, a piano teacher, a student preparing for an exam or festival, you are equally welcome.”

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Julian Hellaby is a pianist, teacher, lecturer, examiner, adjudicator and author, who greatly enjoys sharing his interests and enthusiasms with fellow pianists, musicians and learners as well as with the wider public.

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